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Ballplayers and Bonesetters: One Hundred Ancient Aztec and Maya Jobs You Might Have Adored or Abhorred

Ballplayers and Bonesetters

art by Martha Newbigging

The ancient Aztecs, Maya, and other Mesoamericans built one of the most remarkable civilizations of all time in the centuries leading up to Columbus's arrival in the Americas. This entertaining guide explores 100 jobs performed by the people of southern Mexico and northern Central America who invented cocoa, flat-top pyramids, a writing system, the concept of zero, and rubber balls.

"This book describes in often humorous detail (accompanied by equally humorous illustrations) the work that both the elites and commoners performed. The jobs run the gamut from judge to latrine boatman, from salt maker to adobe brick maker, from Great King to slave."

— Susan Perren, The Globe and Mail

For ages 9–12

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