Laurie Coulter


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Cowboys and Coffin Makers: One Hundred 19th-Century Jobs You Might Have Feared or Fancied

Cowboys and Coffin Makers

art by Martha Newbigging

How did your ancestors make their living? Step back to the 1800s and witness a century of sweeping changes through the eyes of the workers who helped shape it. Cowboys and Coffin Makers is a fascinating look at 100 jobs from the 19th century organized in 20 thematic chapters.

"...the content in Cowboys and Coffin Makers is undeniably captivating. Rather than presenting historical events like the Industrial Revolution and the Civil War in general terms, Coulter approaches them through the eyes of blacksmiths, whaleboat boatheaders, candy makers, dime novel writers, cartographers, robber barons and 94 other professions. This perspective, besides being fresh and innovative, is completely kid-friendly... Highly recommended."

— Shannon Ozirny, CM Magazine

For ages 9–12

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