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Secrets in Stone: All about Maya Hieroglyphs

Secrets in Stone

art by Sarah Jane English

The intriguing story of the Maya and their mysterious language is captured in the pages of this lavishly illustrated book.

"Unlocking the secret of Mayan hieroglyphics was a long and painstaking process.... Coulter describes clearly and concisely how the mystery was unraveled, while the colorful, well-laid-out pages add appeal with plenty of photographs and stylized drawings that suggest Mayan art. Ideas for crafts, activities and even a party run along the page bottoms. Also explained are the Maya civilization's number system and complex calendar. A time line, short glossary, and short bibliography (of mostly adult books) are appended. A substantive, much-needed resource."

— Todd Morning, Booklist

"Not just for history buffs, this fascinating book, with its centuries-old code-cracking mystery, will appeal to many readers. Highly Recommended."

— Gail Hamilton, CM Magazine

For ages 8–12

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